What I really THINK
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2004-03-26 15:26:07 (UTC)

I'm better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My life felt like is completly fucking sucked as of
tuesday. On my way home from school i got in a car
accident. I totalled my car, i had it for not even three
months. It was a piece of shit anyways. I couldn't stop
crying after the accident. I was already having a bad day
at school. I had talked to a counciler here at school
about all my problems and she was suggesting i go back
into therapy. But, after the car accident, that night,my
dad brought me to get a new car. I love it, its a 2003
and i just love it. It's been my motavation the past few
Anyways, i'm here at school, i don't have class, but i was
suppose to take a test today. Fortunatly, my teacher must
have not dropped the test off the in the testing center,
so I have about 2 hours to kill before I go to a long day
at work.
An update on my bulimia; I've been very good. I'm not
even lying to myself. I think its been a week and I binged
once. ONE TIME that is so good compared to what i have
been doing.
I'm going, peace out HAHAHAHA
love mackenzie