Fazzy's Memoires....
2004-03-26 15:09:33 (UTC)

Hard night at work...

Well it was a very exhausting night at work.... I worked
my ass off and managed to get 1 aisle and a half done by
6am.... that is including the time that i wasted
receiving trucks... It's kinda funny how some people
you tell them to do a quick job... and yet they manage to
make it stretch !!

So i got home and took a hot shower... awww that felt
sooo nice... but i'd wish i could of gotten a massage...
damnit i neeed one of those... =/

P.s. I hate LAZY workers... Gawww...

Why do we dream ?? It seems that lately i've been
dreaming alot more often than i normally used to.. And i
remember these dreams like they where real... Damn i wish
they could be real.. Last night's dream was
particulary "steamy" which i will not say who is the girl
that was part of it... hehe Secret !!!! =P

I'm almost ready to go to bed... Was gonna do laundry
this morning but it's pouring rain outside... sooo no
way... lol