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2004-03-26 09:47:38 (UTC)

mimi lau

well, as u know, mimi lau always wanted us to do things
that required "deep thinking". unfortunately, she had a
student,me, serena didn't have any of those thinkings.
today, she asked us to do the film review again!!!! come
on, it's just a film review. (hello ppl? a film review
isn't just telling ppl about the film and ur feelings?
well, that's wat i think)there's no need for background
stuff,or stuff like that. she require us to do
a "outline", then a draft, and handed in on next week.
yesterday, when i check my eclass. miss shi had sent us a
mail. she kept praising us!!!!saying how gd we are. we
paid her respect....(bs)but i dunt think that's gd,cos we,
the former 3c is different from 3d. she just can't compare
us! i believe that must be sth gd about 3d.
btw, she has attached the wedding pic. she looked.....(no
offence,but is just the angle ^_^)
during the geog lessons, old lady annoncenced that she
will not be teaching us after the easter, and ms chik will
be teaching us. ai.....i choose geog as the 9th subject is
becos of mrs kwong, not miss chik!!!!!! anyway, no matter
how i dislike old lady, i will still miss her(always).

PS1: no matter who i had complained, i still need to suck
it up.that's life, rite? i like i said, there's must be
sth gd at ppl, but is just the matter that can we c it.
PS2: i dunt understand a damn word about climate!!!!

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- friendly
- ve word charge
- friendly nad helpful
eg Ben and Eve volunteer at the shelter;they enjoy
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