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2004-03-26 00:23:25 (UTC)

Martha Stewart: Buying Jail Buddies in Advance?

Martha Stewart: Buying Jail Buddies in Advance?

We know from Martha Stewart's TV show and magazine that
she likes to plan ahead, so this story doesn't seem so far-

According to my sources, Stewart — who is convinced she
will definitely be sent to Danbury Correctional
Institution in Danbury, Conn. — is taking no chances on
her prison stay. She has apparently sought out and found
an inmate who is already incarcerated there and willing to
work for her.

This woman, who is serving time for embezzlement, is
supposed to be Martha's eyes and ears — sort of a
glorified assistant — during what could be a 16-month run
in the big house, sources said.

It's not like there won't be compensation. Stewart, or she
told friends recently at a dinner, has offered
remuneration to the woman's family on the outside of
prison, sources said. Of course, anyone in prison who's
been convicted of embezzlement must pay restitution, so
finding a patron saint in Martha Stewart would be a

Who is the new assistant? It turns out (and it surprised
me, too) that there are a lot — and I mean a lot — of
women who've been convicted of embezzlement and are
serving time.

I spoke to the husband of one new Danbury inmate who fit
the description. He said that neither Stewart nor her
attorneys had contacted him.

"But my wife's down there, and she'd be a great friend to
Martha if she needs one," he told me. "She's a fan."

Stewart will be sentenced on June 17 and should start
serving her term two weeks later. Just so you know, it's
not a fait accompli that Martha is definitely going to
Danbury, even though it's the closest federal prison to
her home. But should she go there, Stewart will be one of
1,300 women, some of whom are embezzlers, and some who are
doing time for far more unsavory offenses.