Visions Of Life
2001-10-09 09:34:08 (UTC)

Democrats Rule, Partial Compliment, Opinion On Money and Womb In A Box..

Okay.. I just want to say that SO FAR, Bush is doing a good
job with the whole Afghanistam thing..Food to Afghans=Good
Bombing Afghans=Bad.. Food=Good Bomb=Bad.. And tomorrow we
will learn about common household cleaners and their
affects on gerbils.. Anyways.. He has risen from Barbaric
Child Killer to Evil Rich Boy.. And I still think we need a
democrat in the white house but soon enough, my children..
soon enough.. Democrats Kick Ass!! Hmmmm.. Maybe instead of
plotting world domination, I should devise a plan to make
sure a democrat is president for all times.. Hmmm.. I Call
it, Project Dema-Tina.... lofl...

I Gotta Lay Off Tha Drugs... Wait... What Drugs? I'm
Sober.. What The Fuck...

Ummm... Yeah.. Womb In A Box.. My Newest Creation.... All
Has To Do With Avoiding Childbirth At All Costs... LOL..
The only flaws.. No Sex Is Needed.. That Is All..

Hmmmmm.... I kinda like that Evil Rich Boy comment...
*grin* Id say that I have an intense dislike for people who
are rich and grew up rich but that would be a lie.. But.. I
hope I never curse my child with money.. If I somehow wind
up semi wealthy and have children(womb in a box womb in a
box!!!)then I will make sure they arent spoiled and work
for what they want,.None of this silver spoon bullshit..

La De Da... Hostility, One Might Say...

I think I have lost my mind.. damn...

oh well.. never needed it anyways.. ta ta