The diary of a stressed uni writer
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2004-03-25 12:26:24 (UTC)

I want to kill myself at this second in time

Bloody hell fire!

I think that my title for my diary is all wrogn how about
we change it to extremely stressed out uni writer!

I have three essays to write all for the 1st of April.
technically they are due in later but that's during the
Easter holiday and for people like me who wait for it...
actually live far away from home then there is no possible
way of getting there on the date. I would have perhaps
stayed later if I wasn't going on Holiday with my best
As if this entire pressure wasn't bad enough, and trust me
it is, one of the essays is 75% of my final mark, 75
flipping % what the hell is that about, its meant to be
3000 words but at the rate I'm going its going to be more
and everytime i bloody try and see him he's busy. Grrr

We got our exam papers today for one as well along with the
news that it's been shifted forward in date about two week,
write onto the day that i have another exam, now I have an
entire day of exams all on the fourth and an essay due in
the next day. Just what is up with this system. I mean the
number of times I've been in flipping tears over this crap
is beyond stupid and I'm at my limit if I wasn't such a
stubborn cow then I could promise you I would quit and just
focus on writing instead.

Which brings me to my next problem. All my writing is going
to have to be on hold now with me taking a slight break to
write a few lines every now and then. I write under four
names, that 14 stories I have to update, I normally wrote
them in lectures but I actually found myself doing
coursework in the lecture instead!!! That's when you know
its bad when you're not listening to one lecture to write
another essay instead.

This stress cannot be good for me, not in the least, what
if I get wrinkles or grey hairs through it all. Im only 19
I dont want to have to go through that till at least my
late 30's.

I better go, an Essay on Victorian women and their roles is
calling me and if I don't get it done then I'm screwed
aren't I. Grrrrrrrrr I just want to scream and pull my hair

CHANCE OF UPDATING - Not a flaming chance in hell
NEXT STORY FOR UPDATING - The Marauder years & Homework and
BAD NEWS - Look above people, you can't get much worse then

I'll update tomorrow, perhaps even tonight depending on if
things improve.

Hannah xxx

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