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2004-03-25 05:28:18 (UTC)

Job, guys... and so on

The job is getting better. Much more customers, so days fly
by faster, and so does the time in the store. Sometimes I
catch my tongue. Need more tongue twisters. Like saying the
number 347 in polish over and over to every single customer
each time they come in/ out of the store. I don’t mind it,
it kills time, and gets money, which is what this here
business is all about.

Business has been booming, and I’ve been growing weary.
Haven’t hung with anyone since that dnd thing on Saturday.
It’s Wednesday in a few hours. I have 1/2 a day on Thursday
for more work. Plus anita called me up today saying that we
have that documentary thing to shoot on Friday. Fuck I
thought. I thought this was gonna be on a Saturday. Not to
mention how I totally forgot about the whole ordeal. I
wanna do it, but I get my check on Friday so it’s not a day
I like to miss. If I get it on Sunday it’s really not a
worry, but the thing is that I can’t bank it until Thursday
or Saturday.

I like going to the bank on a Saturday evening. There is
this pleasant looking fella working there, and a nice
conversation is easy to strike up with him. I don’t know
how old he is, but I’m guessing in his 20's. He’s got that
look. I kinda like it, but liked it more before. The kind
of look that scares me away from a guy is if they look big.
Not fat, but just too big for me. I do like guys taller
then me, but ones that are just shaped to look over 20 are
kinda iffy with me. They may look good, don’t get me wrong,
but a guy like that is one I’m less likely to pursue.
That’s likely to be because I might still be on that whole
high school look of guys. I don’t get close to guys that
look college.

Speaking of which, the video crew we are to work with from
Columbia came by. They are all guys. So woohoooooooo! But
they are all in that kind of college category which I am a
bit drawn back from. I don’t know if I have that look
myself. If I did I’d get over it with greater ease. I don’t
think I do though. Maybe if I have a good hair and make up
day. With the sleek clothes. Otherwise I think I’m still a
step back from it. Maybe college really does change your
appearance. I wonder what’s the beef with those Columbia
guys. Maybe I can pick one of them up. I’ll be a little
frightened in the conversation, but hopefully I’ll have
time to strike one up, and pull through. I am one of the
oldest members. Technically the oldest that didn’t come
back. That gives me a strange confidence, along with a tad
of stereotypical pitty.
Too much now, more later...

P.S. :0)

I keep having dreams of cute guys in Germany. The last one
I think was highly influenced from the movie I watched
right before bed called Sabrina. (The later version with
Harrison Ford) Anyway though...

I think this is due to the fact of trying new things.
Thinking about relationships lately, and though I know I
don’t wanna be in one know, I know I don’t want it to be
like that all the time. I don’t want it to grow on me. So
I’m trying piece by piece step by step to get in the game.
One of the ways, just starting is just starting to check
out guys. See what I want, observe it, see if there’s
anything better out there. Often times I have access to a
conversation to the guys I see. Or I find it not very hard
to strike one up. If it’s that cute guy at the bank, I can
always pretend I’m having some trouble writing that little
deposit slip and let someone in ahead of me if he’s not the
one to call next. That hasn’t happen yet though. I guess
with this guy I’m just looking. No commitment necessary,
but just wondering how I can get in the whole game. I got
these steps so far:

1) Spot the one you like
2) Come across a basic, informative conversation
3) Start throwing in a joke, some bits of personal info
here and there
4) Watch the response, any signs, e.t.c..
5) Take time (keep coming back with a good amount of space
in between visits. 3 days min.)
6) As the game progresses play hard to get (if feedback

That’s what I get so far. I haven’t gotten to the 6th part
just yet, it depends on me if I wanna take it there.
By the way, these mainly, if not only, apply to picking up
guys that provide a service.
Por example:

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