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silent wishes
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2004-03-25 04:45:33 (UTC)

strange, odd little things...

i'm actually speaking of my skirts this time. the one
that's a size 9 is falling off and the one thats a size 11
(bought large so it would almost fall off) seems to have
made its way to the dryer. now, well, let's just say that
unless i wear silk underwear and basically go barefooted,
they wont even let me out of my car, much less in school.
but it doesnt look sluty, so i'm happy.

ugh, tomorrow night is beta club induction, where we get
to sit/stand/fall asleep and on each other while all
the "accomplished" people who are greaduating in less than
2 months walk up, set a candle (and in most cases
themselves along with the tablecloths) on fire. for this i
have to look nice. hehe, my version of 'nice' differs from
many others i think. short denim skirt, "girly" black top,
curly hair and flip flops is the extent of my 'nice' for
this occasion. if the woman wasnt such a biatch, i'd
actually bother to look pretty. but nah, this is my time to
be comfortable for 4 hours and piss her off, all while
looking good at the same time. i'm gonna wear my
boyfriend's wristband and silver ball necklace with it,
just to see what she says. she doesnt much like people who
are "different". ::laughs evily:: i love being able to mess
with people like i'm being mean lately, and i'm
eating way too much too. lets see, today i had a diet dr.
pepper and cheetoes for breakfast. for lunch i had the same
coke, a "glass" of tea, a chicken sandwich, and a brownie,
then a cheese quesadilla from taco bell when me and my
boyfriend went shopping for him.

which bring s me to my next point. today turned out not
to be all that bad. it started off kinda sucking because
momma chastised me about where i'm allowed to go and not to
go. that caused a fight as you could imagine. the school
day wasnt too bad, except everyone thinks the world is
revolving around them and they're whining about guys and
the people they like. no joke, most of my conversations of
an average day consists of:
" god. oh no she did not. oh!! what a bitch! i do not
believe it! how DARE she talk to him. and oh, oh. oh no he
didn't. oh did you see that!??! oh he SOOO just looked at
her. what a bitch. did you hear what she did last night?
wait, not what, i meant who. no, not really, but she
deserves for people to believe it after what she just did.
oh i CANNOT BELIEVE she just looked at him."
and so on and so fouth until another of the people around
interrupts with their own version on this. what i dont get
is why they think i care. just because i dont haul off and
smack the daylights out of you when you come whining and
griping to me doesnt mean i care. just once i'd like to eat
my cold, hard, squished up chicken sandwich in peace and
quiet. but other than that, it was a pretty good day, even
tho i almost severed my thumb completely from my hand.
yea...that's gonna hurt tomorrow. word to the wise: do not
ever fight a guy 5 times your size for a sharp piece of
metal. you think i'm crazy and wonder why i'd be playing
with metal in the 1st place. i wasnt actually playing. i
was trying to get away from being poked in my butt and
stabbed in the ribs with the stupid thing. even tho my hand
bled from about 5 places, i won. so that's all that

but the best part came when my boyfriend and i went
shopping for him some more stuff for his costume for NERO.
if you dont know what NERO is, i won't bother trying to
explain it. all i'll say is that it stands for New England
Roleplaying Organization. figure it out from that. but yea,
we went around to different stores looking for all this
weird stuff. we spent a good 1/2 to and hour in the
Salvation Army. i've never been it, and they actually had
some nice stuff. yea i can only imagine how odd that
sounds, but i dont care. i like that store.

(oh and jess, by the way, you can make fun of me all you
want about my "worshiping" my boyfriend, but hey. atleast i
have one. and i have him. so the joke's on you. and atleast
he's not adam.)

so then i came home and some how me and momma got into an
argument. big surprise i know, but it still kinda sucks.
but i got to watch the O.C tonight, so i'm happy. all in
all, it wasnt that bad of a day. tomorrow now, may be quite
another story. all bad things seem to have been set up for
this one thrsday, which i dont care much for in the 1st
place. i like mondays, fridays, and saturdays. oh, and
wednesdays. thursdays usually suck but always have a nice
ending, but not this week. but there'll always be another
thursday. so yes. today was a good day. and now i'm really

forever 17