2004-03-25 03:56:19 (UTC)

Three Days Grace Concert!

Ya ya, its been about a week since that concert, but i
haven't had the time to write about it! Well, it was
amazing. Jake and Zach kinda screwed us over, so it was
just me and Brett once again, lol. We got to the concert
and got really close to the stage. There were a total of 4
sets and the first band.. Edgewater, was awesome! And then
LoPro, which i didn't really like that much, and then
Apartment 26. They were amazing! and theeen... at the end
of Apartment 26's set.. i had an asthma attack. and i got
really dizzy, so this girl in front of me, a guy behind me,
and brett, made like a circle around me so i could breathe
the air like down by our knees, bc that air was actually
cold. well, that kinda helped, but then someone crowd
surfing kicked me in the head, and i guess they hit my
mouth bc i was bleeding. well, supposedly i passed out, bc
this girl and brett led me out of the mosh pit down to the
bathroom, which i don't remember much of. Yea, well turns
out the asthma attack and the fact i was dehydrated, didn't
help too much. LoL, it was funny bc when we got upstairs, i
started crying bc i really wanted to be up at the stage for
Three Days Grace, so i FINALLY convinced brett to let me go
back down in the pit to hear them. I decided that i liked
the trapt concert bc i liked ALL the bands that played, but
the 3 days grace one was my fav. just bc they are my fav.
band at the moment!

Well, anyway, other stuff has been going on in my life
recently besides going to concerts. Haha. We bought a
house! We are moving out April 30th. I am so pumped! The
neighborhood is amazing, except for the fact its in another
school district. I'm going to have to make a decision
sooner or later if i'm going to go to Conner or stay at
Ryle. This is how i look at it. Ryle can give me an awesome
education, i've known all these people since i moved to KY
(which has been.. umm i think 7 years) and also, my tennis
team is there. And if we don't go to state this year, we
will DEF. be there next year. so i dont really want to give
that up. BUT there is a lot of downfalls to ryle. I hate
every single person that goes there. well, i can stand some
of them I.E. my english class "group", my psych
class "group" and my whole trig class. But i have no "true"
friends that go there. i had a supposed best friend who
dicked me over when a guy gave her the time of the day,
which i find hilarious bc i introduced them, hooked them
up, and listened to both of their shit about what they
didn't like about each other. and also another reason i
want to leave ryle, she's gone back to the whole "third
grade fight tactics" where you get people to take sides.
Supposedly we're not in high school anymore and we can't
take care of our own problems. Enough about that bullshit,
my other "friends" at ryle ah... well, i'd rather not hang
out with them on the weekends. So, when it comes to
deciding what school i want to go to, I'm torn. I always
have the option of home schooling bc my parents did that
for Erin.

Speaking of Erin, I'm freaking myself out. I watched
her "path" in high school, and I've noticed that recently
I've been going down the same "path". A lot of our actions,
the drama in our lives, and friend situations, emotional
reasons, etc., it is all reminding me of her. well, i
haven't really told anyone bc no one knows my sister. So

Tennis started today! we scrimmaged st. henry. and we DEF.
won! Wendy and i are FIRST doubles this year. its about god
damn time. I vollyed in the game! i was so proud of myself!
my serve was on and everything! and wendy played awesome
too!! The girls got SO aggrivated w/ us bc we kept goofing
off... OOPS! LoL

Last topic, i swear, lol. i feel like i am rambling. OK I'm
joining the Air Force ROTC down at UK! Well, its not
certain yet, but i emailed the recruiter yesterday. I'm so
pumped. I hope to be a physical therapist. BUT once i hear
back from him and know more whats going on, ill update! but
for now, im going to sleep. Long day at school tomorrow --
ha ya right! i'm watching movies in 5 out of the 6 classes
i take! and spring break is in 2 days! WHOOOOO

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