mY sToRy
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2004-03-25 02:21:32 (UTC)

i WaNt To SeE hIs LoV (pOeM)

I want him to hold me in his arms
I want him to hold his arms right open
I want to disappear into his heart
Just quietly slip right in

I want to feel his warmth
I want to hear his heart beat
I want to see his love
And then my world will be complete

I want to tightly hold his hand
I don’t want him to ever let go
I want him to be there forever
And to be my hero

I want our hug to be everlasting
I want to just stand there
With just him and me
And for us to never tear

I want you
I want us to be together
I hope you want me
So we can be forever

^^ tHaT iS hOw I hAv FeLt FoR aLoNg TiMe, I dUnO wHaT tO
dO nOw, CaN u HeLp, GoT n e IDeAs?? hElP mE tHAt IS wHaT i
WaNt, anD i NeEd It SooN!!