The Real Me
2004-03-25 02:15:12 (UTC)


yay...today was much better! I went to my classes, had
chicken patty for lunch went to work and had fun..is it
possbile that i actaully found a job that i enjoy and love
the women that i work with. I know i don't know all of them
yet but there alot of fun. and seem to be pretty hip(goin
to a 50 cent concert)

Came back and had usually ddc food and then Al came over. I
know...i may be getting ahead of my self like always but he
makes me smile. Maybe it's his aura or could be the fact
that i have alil crush on him, or that he's a really cool
guy. and he's soo cute! hehe. ok...maybe i should stop..i
know he's gonna read this later.

Kali has a urnary trac infection too...man! and tomorrow
she finds out about her strep. lets hope she doens't have
that....3 things is enough.

Kelly is getting the apartment..sorry i forgot to mention!!
hopefully everything works out and we can get a kickass
place cheap....ok...i don't care if it's kickass only if
it's cheap.

I think that's about it, i'm looking forward to the wknd..i
duno why...but hopefully it's full of fun times.

luv ya

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