The diary of a stressed uni writer
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2004-03-24 22:13:55 (UTC)

Wow my first ever entry

Well.... how are you meant to start this? It's kinda
bizarre writing it so I guess I'll start at the beginning
like i would do any other diary sorry journal :0D

I'm called Hannah, plain and simple and i rarely answer to
nicknames, not to say that I don't have any cause I do it,
its just only immportant people can call me it, like me
friends. As you can see one's Hannio hence the username, my
best friend gave me the nickname and quite a few people use
it. I also write under it. the rest are unimportant.

I go to University and have somehow managed to find myself
in Year Two, almost didnt make it though cause I got far
too involved in the life style of a student to study. I've
improved slightly. Hence the name of my jounal. Stressed
uni writer. I'm so stressed over essays that it's a wonder
that I have any hair left from all the pulling i do.

I do an English degree but I don;t enjoy it much there's so
much more I'd rather be doing such as writing.

I do a hell of a lot of writing, fanfiction mainly though
I'm planning a book for the summer, i've got it planned out
it's just a case of being able to write it in peace without
yet another bloody essay popping up and demanding attention.

I have 4 user names, Hannio and MrsPadfootprongs is the
only one I'm giving out, the other two are a secret. Why do
i need so many? Why not, I like exploring different kinds
of stories and this allows me to do that so it can't be bad.

Past two days have been great, I update 10 stories and got
a huge response from it so it's safe to say that my mood is
very good at this moment.

I've nothing more to say at the moment but I'm bound to
have something to say the next time I write in this so I'll
be off now.


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