My boring, sad, and messed up life
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2004-03-24 20:35:08 (UTC)

how gay is this?

jason just told me somethin that i cant believe. richard
and justin told corey a lie about me and thats y he wont
go out wit me. i really hate those 2. i dont no y i went
out wit both of them. eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr.

on the lighter side of today..i got to make fun of jasons
lisp cuz he got retainers now. u beat me by 2 WEEKS!!!! o
well ill have a lisp in 2 weeks 2 so i guess i should stop
makin fun of him. im gonna do this relay walk around the
track for 24 hrs for cancer. its gonna b so much fun. me
and all my friends are all gonna do it. im so proud of
myself....i think this is the best thing ive ever done! i
cant wait.


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