a little piece of me
2004-03-24 19:00:25 (UTC)

feeling better, excited about my mini vacay

finally got over that run down thing. lasted a little over a
week. today i worked joella's shift. tomorrow and
sunday i'll be doing the same thing, which means in a 2
week period i'll have only 1 day off. that's alright. i'm
going to nc next month. turtle's dad is sick, so he wants
to see him. plus, he hasn't seen our wedding pics yet.
it'll be nice to catch up with him. he's a really cool guy.
it's been 2 years since he has seen him. his step-dad
is also in pretty bad shape. he's in the hospital right
now. while we're there, turtle's going to take me to the
beach. i'm really excited, though. shouldn't be all
gloom and doom.

jua has 5 eggs now. what a crazy little bird. hopefully
they'll all hatch. that would be great. well, i guess that's
all. i'm not in the mood to write anymore now.