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2004-03-24 14:15:19 (UTC)

3rd day of work experience

Hello I thought I'd write seeing as i have 32 minuts left of my lunch hour
i just went to mc donalds... I didn't have much money so i just got a
cheese burger (79p) It was kind of pointless to walk the whole 10 minuts
to mc donalds just for that but ah well...

Can't stop thinking about aaron ('pip') hollie ('jade') is pissed at me for
still liking him she keeps saying to get over it but theres still a chance i
could get him back so i'm not gonna give up just yet.

I spent all last night thinking about it him and me me and him I miss
everything about him ... his kiss his touch everything... we were perfect
totaly perfect!

I think I'm going to do some doodleing soon i have cool pens lol "magic
so far i have made a picture of my friend laura on adobe photo shop and
made a cd cover and coloured in faries which i scanned in and made my
verry own designer logo and today i made party invites for someones
30th birthday.

I've been so buisy I have no free time i get home at five tidy my room
(yes every day) im a mnessy person and mums not lol .... then I have to
do homework and practice my guitar (ok so its recreational) but I have to
do it or ANDY (guitar teacher) will get mad and mum wont pay for my

amy xxx

music: none but the voices in my head are singing oasis

mood: excited (cant wait to get home i think i'll call aaron tonight

coments (lyric): "She's electric can I be electric toooo??!"-she's electric,

Coments (quote):"He's an asshole I want to hear you say 'asshole' really
loud"-courtny love 10th april 1994

coments (random): my tummy hurts