Euphoric Nothingness
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2004-03-24 05:46:50 (UTC)

Whoa It's Been A Long Long Time

Wow!!! It's been over a month since I last updated.
Absolute craziness. Nothing much new has been going on. I
guess I will highlight some of the recent happenings with
my life.

Spring Break was very much a mixed bag. The first half
was great with the trip to Atlanta and going to Six
Flags. Theresa's sister was very nice and genuinely
seemed to like me as much as a sister's b/f can be liked.
We had a great time at the park and rode a ridiculous
amount of roller coasters! I think my cousin Ryan and my
family were a little dissapointed that they didn't get to
meet her but they were very understanding that Theresa and
her sister were very tired after their drive and concert
the night before. All in all, my much needed trip to
Atlanta was very much worth the drive.

The rest of SPring Break was spent sick. In fact, I still
have remnats from it a week and a half later. It started
out with a massive headache on the way back to Orlando. I
am suffering a sore throat and some sniffles right now.
However, I feel like I am turning the corner and hopefully
I will be better in the next few days.

School is busy but going well. I got an A on my Modern
Middle East test right before Spring Break. I have an
Italian quiz tomorrow and a Stat test next Tuesday. I
need to ace both of those to keep a shot at an A in both
classes. And after withdrawaling the US Since 1960 class,
I really need to do very very well in the other classes to
make up for trying to do too much early on in the semester.
I have 2 10-page papers coming up in the next few weeks
and I also need to get rolling on those real soon.

Finally for tonight, Theresa and I continue to grow closer
together. We are really into each other and have an
amazing relationship. We are becoming very comfortable
with each other on so many levels. Things are going fast,
but I think we wouldn't have it any other way. We're just
taking things as they come along. I am glad that we did
meet when we did because I think if it was any other time
then we wouldn't have have what we today.

We're still trying to figure out a way to go to Italy this
summer. We have agreed that August would be a much easier
time to go than May due to money. Several ideas have been
floated around but nothing has been totally agreed upon.
I think that a trip of this magnitude would speak volumes
about the relationship that we share. I am beginning to
think that Theresa is going to be around for a while. And
I couldn't be more excited about it. Things could get
really interesting and fun for the summer and

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