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2004-03-24 04:32:22 (UTC)

natalie :)

so, this weekend we have a trackmeet at MUSKINGUM!!!! if u
r on campus, or are not but wanna be... come this Saturday
and watch me run please!!!!

so track has been alot of fun this year so far... i really
enjoy mostly all the people on the team and have made some
awesome friendships. i just wanna holla out to natalie
real quick cuz i said i would talk about her more in the
other email but erased some hehe... but Natalie is
Awesome!!!! She makes a great friend, and is so easy to
get along w/!!! too bad ur a freshman buddy :( and i'm
graduating, but we will be cool ipromise!!! One thing
that i appreciate about natalie is that she is from West
Virginia!!! and she drives like 90mph!!! and she loves
to dance!!!! all good things :) and she is much deeper
than would appear ;) ur definitely a thinking girl that
will go far sweetie!!!

There are few things in this world that really irritate
me... most the time i can take almost nething... but there
are some things that i have a hard time handling, and when
u get to know me really well, u will discover those
things, and then u can use them against me anytime u want
to, and it's just not fair!!! so if think u know, u
don't, and if u haven't known me SUPER good, then u won't
figure it out so don't try... but yeah if u do know,
please don't try to get to me, cuz i don't like that so
much :( k, this makes little or no sense, unless u know
what i'm talking about lol, but if u really wanna know,
just IM me.... and i'll try to fill ya in ;)

k have a good nite,
i must be tired cuz i'm just babbling,
urs truly,