2004-03-24 04:28:59 (UTC)

writing pisa 2 ... more copy/paste of letter to julie

i did write today... well, not exactly WRITE, but i sat for
a good 5 hours, wrote in my notebook, printed out all my
pisa stuff so far, kind of mapped things out, did some
research, wrote different things... a few scenes... some
ideas for scenes.. all in all the most productive ive been
in like 3 months... so. im also excited now... like , i
really want to start this. i guess maybe i have... i was
thinking about what my last writing teacher said, at nyu,
how he thinks im restraining myself. im trying not to do
that. was also thinking how in my early college years i
detested teacher who stressed the "craft" of writing. i
thought, things shouldnt be mapped out, planned out,
nothing should be crafted. now what am i doing? im
becoming a joyce, something i loathe. but i want to
portray these thoughts i have in an accessible way. that
HAS to be mapped out, planned out. or does it? can i just
DO it, and thats the best way? that is how i should start
anyway, just writing what i feel. i was also thinking that
the parts of the things i write that just BLAH come out
without me thinking about them, are always the best, and
what other people comment on the most. maybe thats what my
teacher meant. about restraining myself...