2004-03-24 02:49:01 (UTC)

why can't i be strong

and not let my feelings of you take control.

i saw u yesterday and with a wave and a smile right
to my eyes, i smile all the way to the end of my day.

so today. i dont know if it was the way your hair
fell into place or the fact that you're getting .. is
scruffy the right way? i mean it as a compliment..

i dont know what it was.. i just felt like i had gotten
kicked when i saw u and literally said "woah" to myself
and hope i didnt stare too hard. and you were just looking
at the steps on your way. it just hit me.

i get so shy but i feel so beautiful and i dont know why
but it's like i really like myself around you and even in
slight discomfort of fear of rejection, i really like you
i fight it to the point of tears but i really like
you. as middle school as that sounds.