Erotic Stories
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2004-03-24 01:42:17 (UTC)

Love is a funny thing. Lust is..

Love is a funny thing. Lust is even funnier. ITs like a
blinding light that makes your face go red and your heart
beat faster as if your running. This is what consumed
Caspian and brought him teetering on the brink of
insanity. His nose filled with francescas perfume, his
eyes with her image, her ears with her moans. He watched
her at dinner, at parties, all over the castle. He took
her to his room whenever he could, but he still didn't
have her heart.
Francesca thought of David. She would love to break
the acursed leash held by the hand of her cruel,
tormenting lover. Gwen started to make more a public
display of Francesca at the dinner table.i
ONe night at dinner she displayed some rather odd
behavior. As always, she sat on Gwen's lap, lapping at the
milk from her nipple. When she was done, she faced forward
and watched everyone talk, as always. Suddenly, She felt
Gwen's cold fingers jam into her orifice. She pulled
Francescas head back by the hair and whispered in her ear.
"Don't make this obvious. Contain yourself while i
finger you. Make it seem as if nothing is happening." She
let her head go and pinched francesca's clit. She moved a
finger in and out slowly and slightly. Francesca closed
her eyes and let out fluttery moans. Gwen talked normally
to the table of guests as she worked her fingers into her
lover. Francesca bit her lip and squeezed tears out of her
eyes. She started to have an orgasm. Gwen sensed this and
covered Francesca's mouth. Francesca let out a final
muffeled scream and collapsed in Gwen's lap.
Caspian wasn't fooled. Jealous rage welled inside his
chest. He left the table forcefully.
"O dear i do beleive my son is upset. Francesca, go
to his room, will you?"

Caspian sat on his bed with his face in his hands.
When Francesca entered he looked up and scoffed.
"O, You."
"Why are you angry with me?"
"You have to ask?!" he rose over to her and put his
hands around her waist. "I want to be your only one."
"Caspian, you know thats not possible. I belong to
your mother, and my heart belongs to David." She pushed
him away and sat on his bed. Caspian pinned her down by
her wrists.
"HOw can you look me in the eyes when we're making
love and tell me you love him? How do you touch someone so
fondly and the next minute, they mean nothing!"
"Stop it Caspian your hurting me!" She struggeled as
he let go and sat on the end of the bed sobbing. "Don't be
angry with me Caspian." she put her arms around his neck
and kissed his cheek. She moved in front of his and
unbuttoned his shirt. She sucked lightly on his nipples.
"O how could i stay mad at you." He lifted her face
and kissed her passionatley. She worked her way down to
his pants and slowly undid them. His bulging sex popped
out. Francesca was a bit shocked but braced herself and
slowly slid it inside her mouth. She heard caspian let out
a soft moan. She sucked harder a licked around the shaft.

to be continued

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