The Real Me
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2004-03-24 00:42:36 (UTC)


Well this week just keeps getting worse and worse as it
goes on. The only good thing is work and i'm enjoying that.
a chance to get away from everything here for a few hours.

Kali and mono and sinus infection and possibly strep.
Serena has a cold and an ear infection. That jsut makes me
wanna puke knowing i'm around all these sick people.

Apartment shit is pissing me off more and more, kali backed
out a few days ago and sam told me today shes backing out,
which shes known for 3 weeks and told me she didn't wanna
tell me cuz i would be pissed..well of course but why does
it matter when she tells me, it shouldn't matter it's the
same thing only a lil later which pisses me off more that
it took her that long to tell me.

Computer has shit the bed once again, i duno what the fuck
is wrong with it but it keeps rebooting on me. fucking
piece of shit. I hope i can find someone to look at it for
me, i know don and jim r sick of lookin at it for me.

I'm not in a good mood...so watch ur step but trust me i
won't take it out on someone that doesn't deserve it. Al
was gonna come over and visit but he saw my away and
decided not too cuz i was in a pissy mood. I feel bad, i
hope he understands that if he did come over i would of
been happy and excited to see him. Oh well...maybe i will
see him soon enough. :/

american idol is on in a few maybe that will make this
shitty day better...

luv ya

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