Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2004-03-23 20:02:16 (UTC)

I saw Love Actually

the other day and although it's not my kind of film, it was
quite good. Alan Rickman looks soooooo better with black
hair and in the role of the bad guy, and how cute is Colin
Firth?? Aww...I love him as Jamie....he reminds me of my
next door neighbour 3...his wife's pregnant. :/

Not v. happy at the mo'...I'm failing my politics and
biology course and am pretty sure I'm doing quite badly
with my history...I'm a little preoccupied with *other
things* at the moment. I know its close to my exams but I
just can't think when I'm in school....all i want to do is
go home and work, then when I get home, I can't work
because my sister as her STUPID and ANNOYING music on. I
WILL start revising in the Easter holidays when she goes
away. And then my weekends are taken up by my shitty job.
£3 an hour...perhaps I should take them to court over
it...maybe even ECJ. Trip to Parliament has been cancelled.
Everyone's dying around here...4ppl have died as well as
my grandad and the man down my street has 7 brain tumors :(
v.sad because he has 2 small kids aswell and after the
operation he will have some kind of brain damage.
Tomorrow is Wednesday which means just two days after will
be Friday-the end of the week! And he will be coming
round...but then I have work on Saturday so there's no use
getting excited about anything this week, really.