goddess of imaginary light
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2004-03-23 18:58:25 (UTC)

here we go again

spring break was nice but short
so i finally got the tattoo i wanted!
it didnt hurt at all and thats freakin awesome!!
im back in reno and skipped my first day of classes:)
tehe...went out last night celebrating ericas birthday
didnt get drunk but she did:) haha
now im attempting to do statistics homework and and being
easily distracted...hmmm...interesting

i might just stay in reno for the summer...the girls are
getting their house and will
need help with rent, so ill move in for the summer and in
move into my apartment....seems good so far except that i
need to find a job! :)
this is good, i wont have to go haome and spent the summer
lothing being in my parents house was going to
be especially gruelling this summer since mi hermana would
not be i hope it doesnt fall through...

damn...homework then spanish class....but im having lunch
with shawna today so that will be fun:)

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