carole for Master
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2004-03-23 18:31:16 (UTC)

kalila's Submission Dance

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: :the setting is at the gate of
Ianda..soft cool breeze flowing through the bright green
grasses..Tad, Wotan, Kalila and coral are enjoying a

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: The Free Woman Kalila...smiles under her
veils as She chats in her everyday venue

Tad ]Î[: smiles

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: :She is standing close to Tad of Ianda

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: :so the story begins....

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Standing beside Tad of Ianda, Kalila
smiles in amusement to the conversation between those
present. Her veils hiding any gestures Her face might

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Her robes hiding any form that might
entice the Free Men.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Her eyes widen as She hears Him question
Her. She stands in silence, Her throat tightening, barely
able to breath as She swallows hard. She has been
questioned as to Her feelings of submission.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Staring deeply into His eyes, She cannot
lie, She wants to answer in a hoighty voice, denying any
feelings of submission.

Tad ]Î[: smiles recalling the occasion

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: But His eyes stare deeply into Hers. His
voice exquisitely firm and demanding Her response.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Her body starts to tremble, She can feel
the sensations between Her thighs grasping spasms through
Her belly. Her eyes close as her heartbeat quickens,

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmm

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: The thick robes slightly swaying from
side to side as a single flute begins to play in the

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Reaching with Her hands and opening the
first layer of her robe, allowing it to fall to the floor.
Her eyes gaze upto Him peering over Her veil, taunting Him
mercilessly as her excitement rages within

Tad ]Î[: watching her intently

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: The lighter garments swaying more easily
now to the rhythm fingers tracing slowly over the robes
searching and then finding the fasteners, opening them and
allowing the robe to fall again to the floor

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Her eyes still transfixed to His A sheer
robe is left covering Her, cruelly teasing Her body with
its sensual flow.

Tad ]Î[: eyes sparkling as I watch her every movement

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: The flames already dancing over the pale
skin beneath Her hands begin to trace over Her full
breasts and down Her sides to her hips and they sway so
seductively almost coming alive.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Hands gliding slowly back up Her body
feeling each curve as She reaches to unpin golden tresses
freeing them to cascade over Her shoulders

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Shaking Her head liberating the soft
curls the look on Her face changes suddenly as the hair
finds its freedom.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: In a sudden movement the thin robe is
ripped with both of Her hands from Her body and She falls
to Her knees with soft hazel eyes lowered in respect
creamy thighs are parted wide and Her erect exposed

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: nipples thrust forward.

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmm transfixed by her sensuality

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: :With a soft smile on Her full ruby lips
She lifts Her hands and removes the veil that once tried
to hide who She truly was.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: :Placing it with respect at Master's
feet a soft whisper passes Her lips

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: might this girl be permitted to dance
for You this night?

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmm would love that darling, reaching out,
hand briefly touching her cheek

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: purrrrrrrrrsss feeling His touch

Tad ]Î[: smiles lovingly as I watch her

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: moving back in respect and crawling to
the dance area kalila falls upon her slender legs, curling
herself into a fetal position she looks around, seeing Men

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: a feeling of comfort, a feeling of
anticipation, a feeling of great anxiety the music plays
softly in the background. she runs her dainty fingers, in
rhythm of the high and lows of the flutist

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: slowly, up and down her arms her fingers
dance....gracing over them like a feather following down,
she extends her legs running her hands down to her ankle

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: and up to the top of her thighs, gently
brushing she toys with the top of her thighs her eyes
gleaming a smile on her face

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: the music increases, the tempo rising,
the beating of the drums, can be felt in a girl's heart,
she rolls to her belly, and raises upon her knees, her ass
high in the air

Tad ]Î[: moanssss softly watching her

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: with palms flat, she rests upon her
forearms, as she crawls, ohhh so slowly one leg pulls into
her full bosom the other extended long and lean it pulls
in, the other extends,

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: as she makes her way around the room
looking up to the Free smiling with the fire that burns
within, teasing, taunting Them she brazingly looks into
the eyes of All gathered around

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: looking into His very soul, is He what
this girl needs, can she please Him can He fulfill this
slave, can He 'Master' this slave, can the slave enrich Him

Tad ]Î[:ohhhhh loving the attitude

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Are the answers within the eyes of this
Master, she moves about Him looking deeply within,
wondering scared, is He able to take and control this girl

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: as His very Own, she sits upon her
knees, sitting tall and straight, head cocked to the side

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: one slim hand, strokes the bareness of
her neck, a neck beckoning the collar of One

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: kalila lifts her delicate hands,and
dances them up over her silky legs, up over her slaveheat,
circling, eyes intent, slightly hazed over with the heat
that is growing in her slave belly

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her fingers dance upon her warm belly,
rising to her full breasts she cups them and caresses
them playfully, looking into His eyes

Tad ]Î[: holding her gaze

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her legs part slowly,as the heat
increases in her belly the moistness of her petals gather
kalila brings one slender leg over the next and and
gracefully rocks to her feet

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: as she caresses her form swaying her
hips her hands caressing her curvaceous form barely being
able to stand the need and desire almost over powering her

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she moans loudly for the Free as they
watch the dance before Them kalila extends her frame till
she grasps her ankles, she pulls them slightly aside

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmmm

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: feeling the coolness of the air embrace
her slave heat she rocks her hips from side to side,
slowly,back and forth, her hair hangs down in a wild
rage,her erotic moans filling the room

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: the moistness of her flaming heat
already making a trail down her inner thighs, kalila walks
her hands slowly up her legs stopping at her trembling

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her upper body rises as tiny fingers
gently begin to trace the soft wet petals of her heat. Her
eyes glazed over in need and desire her slave body
heaving and beckoning

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: beckoning the one who will Own her.

Tad ]Î[: lips curving up in a smile

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Her knees appear to give way and she
melts to the ground

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her body hot and yearning the emotion of
her heart overtaking her as she squirms on the ground

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Consumed and over powered by the burning
and fire in her belly, fingers now toying and teasing her
heat shamelessly

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: so completely aware of the fires raging
within her body wanting and needing it be used and to be

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: the fires in her belly an inferno, every
fiber of her being alive and wanting, moaning as the tiny
fingers of her hand collect the necture of her slave heat
and slide over her petals so easily.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Falling on the ground lust over taking
her and looking to Him her eyes blazing and begging,
needing to be used as the slave she is.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she looks about once more, seeing the
glint in His eyes,

Tad ]Î[: eyes blazing as I watch
Tad ]Î[: smile widening

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she crawls panther like before Him He
who has presence, the quiet and strong One kalila pants
deeply, her breast giving rise with every breath she takes

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: moving to Him slowly her body trembling
the sweet smell of her lust filling the air. Slowly, she
approaches His boot, and tenderly kisses it

Tad ]Î[: watching her approach, heart pounding

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: then raises it placing it on her neck
and lays beneath Him panting.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: kalila gently takes His boot and lowers
it from her neck and kisses it once more. she raises to
her knees with thighs parted wide, her arms crossed at the

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: with her eyes lowered in supplication,
her longing need sounding in her sensual voice, she

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: "this slave freely and lovingly gives
herself to You without reservation or hesitation. To be
Owned, used,and punished by You are Your whim.

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: To be Your property to do with as You
please Master."

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: "This slave begs Your collar Master"

Tad ]Î[: looking down at her, reaching out and tracing her
neck, just above the steel collar which is locked there,
then cupping her chin gently in My hand and lifing

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: mmmmmm smiles up to You, moaning as
feeling You hand above the collar

Tad ]Î[: eyes locking on hers....and I accept that gift My
love....you are Mine now....always and forever...to love
and to do with as I please


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