2004-03-23 15:58:14 (UTC)

how do u have that capability

is everything false? is everything i believed
about you and what you are or could be or what i could be
to you or if there could be a we. is everything concerning
the matter false?

I rest my eyes but i dont get the full
rest that I had hoped for, because when i wake up i just
feel this tendency to desire to be near you to find out
about what your passions are.

It would seem that when one person
desires this, then they would be chosen to actually FIND
this out about that person.. i mean. i walk by about a
hundred faces every day, so why is it his is the one i see
at night before i fall asleep? why is it his smile in my
mind makes me smile with my eyes? why does just seeing him
and him looking at me change the whole pace of my day?

so wouldn't it seem that when something in a
person strikes something up in another person, then they
are somehow intertwined.

but now i see that it can only go one way.
that makes finding it both ways ..more ..

because i spend so much time waiting.

so maybe it would make a difference if you knew. I dont
know. but i spend so much time waiting.

and it was you who was picked out.
whether it was my doing or some form of something else
making you stick out more than others, even if you were
trying to blend in. you can't. not for me at least.