The Starry Sky
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2004-03-23 14:40:53 (UTC)

ThE...1St dAy Of SCHOOL....4 TeRm2!!!!

Hey Diary,
let mi tell u about my day. it goes...
(P.S:I'm a singaporean so some of the things I mentioned
will be Greek 2 foreigners.)

"Get up,gurl!"my dad called mi.I woked up
reluctantly,letting out a moan.Darn it!School!I hate this
word!I came down from my double-decker bed(I sleep on top)
and sat down at the dining table chair,eating breakfast.I
felt as if I took some drowsy medicine.After eating,I slept
again on the master bedroom bed."Hey u,get up!" dad called

Soon...I arrived at school.Darn boring.A long speech made
by my 55-year old principal(I thot he was 60 )which made mi
sweat.After the toturous speech,finally back to class.Not a
gd one,I must say.The moment we sat down,my mother tongue
teacher ordered us to take out our chinese text book.Lesson

After recess,my frenz,Garfield and Min Min(nickies [nick
names I mean])sat wif mi in the hall to wait 4 the next
teacher.A teacher named Agnes Wong took the microphone and
took a deep breath."Primary 5,you will be going on a trip 2
Compass Point by LRT..."B4 the teacher could finish,a
chorus of "yeah" and "Wah",etc. could be heard.*Teacher
cleared her throat PURPOSELY*

"You will be going to Compass Point not 4 SHOPPING!
Instead,you will be taking this chance to learn Maths
outside the school and buy raw materials from the 5
different stores instructed 4 u 2 go and buy and create an
INNOVATIVE PRODUCT."That's a big word.Wat r we goin 2

"Each group ASSIGNED by your form teacher will received $5
2 shop."Okie..pause 4 a while will u?Wat do u mean by
ASSIGNED?Oh no...I cannot group wif my frenz?Why???And $5
is not even enough 4 beggars 2 shop!

blah,blah,blah.I'm cutting it short.In the end,I grouped
wif Min Min and a gurl Shi Min.We disscussed 4 a while n we
decided 2 make mini drawers using ice-cream sticks(the idea
was mine).Okie...School ended @ 3.15pm(supposed 2 b
3pm,darn it!)and I went home.

Blah,blah,blah.I finished my hw and the moment I lay my
on my cosy pillow,I felt as if I was drifting 2 the starry

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