my entity
2004-03-23 09:49:46 (UTC)

Yes...Bible School!

God finally answered my question on should I enroll in a
bible school or not. And now, Im on my way to the end of
the third trimester. I thank the Lord for the Huyssen
family for giving me the chance to study.

I have learned a lot of things about the Lord and I have
improved my knowledge and relationship about God.

I have met a lot of people and most of my questions and
wonderings before were now answered. I believe there is a
lot to learn and to know since life is a continuos learning.

I felt like I was a student again in a school with children
of God this time. However, you cant really avoid meeting
different character of people and this made me strong and
bold in the Lord.

My heart and desire to serve the Lord increased and now I
am praying that God will use me more for His glory.

Here's an enumerated activities I did in the Bible School :

1) We have chapel hour every Thursday and I am always
blessed with this

2) We got a lot of requirements which requires reading and
meditating the word of God

3) We had discussions and learning about other beliefs that
made me more bold and hungry for God.

4) We had our mission outreach, I went there late since I
have work then. It was great. Im praying for more mission

5) In our Christmas break, we went to Wawa Dam in Montalban
and had our trekking and stayed in a bahay kubo without
electricity, this is really cool since the house is
surrounded with trees and nature type.

5) We had our banquet in one restaurant in Pasig

6) We will have out summer outing this March 29, 2004.

Right now, long break is past approaching. Currently I am
praying that the Lord will prepare my heart to the
dormitory coz I plan to go to dorm this June on my Second
year at the Bible School. Btw, I took a 2 year course
(Certificate in Ministerial Studies)

I pray that God will mae a way for my schedule at work so
that I can serve the Lord more. I pray that I will have a
weekend off.

That's it.

Oh by the way, it's wonderful to think of God's goodness
always and oh... well i think somebody had a crush on me in
the school but you know... I need to concentrate for God
first before anything else. I am praying to God anyway
that He will introduce me to my better half in His own time.



God Bless,