A Look At My Life
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2004-03-23 04:22:30 (UTC)

Another day passed

Hey everyone gil to give you just a quick briefing on
my day today. It was real hardworking had to write me a
paper and had a long day of practice with my band
currently we are trying to finish up some single and
hopefully enter it in some contest lets see.... today was
also my friend liz birthday happy b-day liz i finally
completed my piano piece "Patheique 2nd Movement" it has
been about 3 weeks but i finally have it lol yes well i
have had some questions regarding me and i thought i would
answer some of them os here we go

favorite color : Black and perhaps pink lol
hobbies : playing geetar lol hacking, playing piano, and
playing video games and watching movies.
favorite movie : Willy Wonka And The Choclate Factory or
the lord of the rings serious.

Another weird thing is that im somewhat known in the
san antonio area which is quite weird but i guess the
attention can be cool sometimes. Lets see oddly this entry
has taken me awhile to write i think its proably because i
can't think straight right now but oh well ill finish soon
enough. yes well this outa do it for now i hope well
everyone take care and god bless and i hope to hear from
some more people i just enjoy meeting new and cool people
well everyone take care God bless.

Sincereley, Gilby