aNd sO i WrItE
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2004-03-23 01:34:26 (UTC)

Dear whomeva...

Dear whomeva.... man I told my self and Ty that i wouldnt
write in here till i had a good day... bc i usually write
on all my bad days... well my bad days are when i just
speak on everything and im not done until im relifed...
but damn today it was alright bc i didnt go to skoo i was
spose to swich skoos but that aint work out bc my lil
brother moved out... i miss him already i wish he was
here... im so bored n i need some one to talk to right
now.. n i would talk to Ty but i dont want to mention all
thats on my mind bc i dont want to make shit worse for
him... but nah i was on HHP writing this poem... its like
a letter poem type thing... its kinda long.. but still u
know i just spoke wha was on my mind.. n then i was about
to put in my profile on HHP Unspokenwordz n Untoldtruth
forver... but when i ran across this one poem... i changed
my mind so fast... the poem is called " U Dont' Love Me" n
when i read it n then i read the replies i just sat there
n thought... Damn... i wanted to cry but i was on the
phone with Ty i told him i would call him right back n im
going to but this is wha i came to do.... wow man... i
just,... i dunno i guess i deserve it rigth bc im not
doing a good job and because i wrote a poem called "love
is blind" so i guess i brought it on my self... man i dont
know... and i dont want to go to skoo tomorrow ill problly
end up gettin in a fight or jumpped... tha girls who want
to fight me keep callin me n i know exactly wha they gone
do.. they gone act like they my friend.. n then get me
where they want me so they can handle they shit.. but nah
see i been in that shit b4 n im not about to get jumped
again.. shit dont feel good dont look good n i have no one
to have my back... nah mena... i dunno tho... but nah i
knwo exaclty wha imma do... imma call my boi to hanlde
this shit for me... n nah he not gone hit them wit his
fist but wit suttin else.. i would do it but tha 5-0 would
knwo it would be me.... but nah yo i dunno im so fuckin
ready to move im just ready to leave idunno yo ... i want
to cry right now but i been holdin back these tears.. n
they gone build up to anger n no one wants to be angry..
and damn i dunno i was thinking about jerell n i always
think about him i just cant say much bc Ty gone start
thinking about him n then cry n i feel so bad.. i wanted
to cry today when this one commercial came on... it was
wha Jerell used to call me... damn fuck here we go... damn
i ... i just gotta go man.. im sorry if this isnt a good
enough day for some ppl... i jsut gotta get this shit off
my chest... damn...
On3 1uv
God Bless


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