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2004-03-23 01:04:02 (UTC)

Short and Sweet

John and I went to Corvallis this morning. We did some
banking, picked up our holds at the library, bought orange
juice with a coupon and returned pop bottles, did a little
shopping at Goodwill (three picture frames including a
silver one and three blank books for me; John bought a
stereo antenna for the stereo in the house), a stop at
Hollywood video to rent two DVDs using a coupon, a visit to
Bed, Bath and Beyond to use a coupon but it ended up being
just window shopping as we didn't find anything we really
just had to have, Bi-Mart to buy a case of oil for the truck
(I sat in the car and knit while John did that) and the
recycling. We were home by 1 p.m.

Again, we had some nice, long chats on varied subjects on
our drive, today ranging from Spain's decision to take their
troops out of Iraq to last Friday's editorial page showing
photographs of all 575 servicemen and women who have
died since the war in Iraq began a year ago which was titled
the true cost of war to our first marriages to sisters-in-law.

In the afternoon I took a little nap, worked on bills, did
some housework, read, knit, did the laundry and that took me
to 4p.m., time to start dinner.

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