the excitingness of my life
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2004-03-23 00:55:35 (UTC)

survey yay

[x] full name? [x]: Diana
[x] age? [x]: 16
[x] height? [x]: 5 ft 2
[x] weight? [x]: 120 lbs.
[x] righty or lefty? [x]: righty
[x] girl or boy? [x]: girl
[x] siblingz? [x]: nope
[x] hair color? [x]: brown
[x] eye color? [x]: brown
[x] do u have a bf/gf? [x]: yup
[x] if so..for how long? [x]: like a week
[x] are u gay? [x]: yes im very happy thank u
[x] do u think gay guys or girls are hot..cuz i do [x]:
yes lol
[x] have u ever been in love? [x]: yeah
[x] even close to it? [x]: yes
[x] do u believe in love at first sight? [x]: no
[x] how many bfs/gfs have u had before? [x]: ha 10
[x] are u a virgin? [x]: only on thursdays
[x] if not-how many people have u fucked, u whore? [x]: 1
leave me alone u slut
[x] if u are a virgin, how far have u gone? [x]: yeah ok
[x] do u use sex toys? O:-) [x]: no
[x] have u ever done anal? [x]: no
[x] what about oral? [x]: ya
[x] ever done a 3some? [x]: no
[x] what about fucking the same sex? [x]: um no
[x] about how many friends do u have? [x]: alot
[x] how many BEST friendz do u have? [x]: like 5
[x] have u ever liked one of ur friendz? [x]: yeah
[x] have u ever dated one of ur friendz? [x]: yes
[x] do u have more girl or guy friendz? [x]: mmm guys
[x] what group would u say u belong to?
(jocks,populars,goths,nerds) [x]: none of the above
[x] what do ur friendz think of u? [x]: they think i
fucking rock
*in the last 24 hours have u..*
[x] cried? [x]: yes
[x] hugged someone? [x]: yes
[x] missed someone? [x]: yes
[x] eaten? [x]: yes
[x] gotten drunk? [x]: i fucking wish
[x] fucked someone? [x]: no
[x] kissed someone? [x]: yes
[x] wished ur life was different? [x]: yes
[x] yelled at someone? [x]: yes
[x] disagreed with ur parents? [x]: yes
[x] been so happy that u had to tell someone? [x]: no
[x] gone shopping? [x]: no
[x] done something u now regret? [x]: no
[x] talked to an ex? [x]: yes
*this or that..*
[x] black/white[x]: black
[x] pink/purple [x]: purple
[x] sweet/sour[x]: sour
[x] love/hookup[x]: hookup
[x] gold/silver [x]: silver
[x] aim/yahoo [x]: aim
[x] preps/goth [x]: goth
[x] hot topic/AF [x]: hot topic
[x] getting dumped/being the dumper [x]: being the dumper
[x] being cold/or being hot [x]: being hot
[x] mtv/vh1 [x]: mtv
[x] day/night [x]: night
[x] chocolate/vanilla [x]: vanilla
[x] blondes/brunettes [x]: brunettes
[x] cigs/pot [x]: pot
[x] britney/christina [x]: christina- whore
[x] dogs/cats [x]: cats
[x] girls/boys [x]: boys
[x] justin timberlake/eminem [x]: eminem
[x] friendz/more then friendz [x]: friends
[x] being single/being in a relationship: single
*which one of ur friendz is the..*
craziest::: darlene
funniest::: steve
quietest::: no quiet ones
preppiest::: sam (i heart u!)
richest::: fuck idk
sluttiest::: idk
coolest::: me duh
smartest::: nicole
dumbest::: whoa 2 many to name
most blonde::: jill
most likely to end up in jail::: wow like all my guy
*which is worse..*
[x] ur best friend lying to u or lying to ur best
friend?::: lying to best friend
[x] dying young and happy or dying old and lonely?:::
dying old
[x] going to the mall broke with ur friends or going with
ur dad?::: dad
[x] ur best friend dying or u dying?::: best friend dying
[x] bad hair day or nothing clean to wear?::: nothing clean
*whats ur favorite..*
[x] clothing store?::: hot topic
[x] color?::: red
[x] singer/band?::: nirvana
[x] movie?::: american pie
[x] outfit?::: idk
[x] name?::: Diana, its the sexiest fucking name ever
[x] actress?::: reese witherspoon
[x] actor?::: johnny depp
[x] number?::: 91
*whos the last person u..*: ur mother!
[x] talked to?::: kevin
[x] cried with?::: um darlene
[x] hugged?::: idk
[x] kissed?::: chad
[x] missed?::: idk
[x] got in a fight with?::: mom
[x] lied to:?::: mom
[x] talked to on IM?::: tom
[x] IMed?::: maggie
[x] IMed u?::: tom
*last sectionnnn*
[x] do u have AIM?::: yes
[x] whats ur sn?::: xhelloximxdeadx
[x] how many people are on ur buddylist?::: 120

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