mY sToRy
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2004-03-22 22:54:12 (UTC)


YaY, sImO aNd KeLsE aRe GoInG oUt, NoW aLl ThEy NeEd To Do
Is TaLk, LoL, yAlL aRe So FuNnY!! ThE dAy BaK wAS pReTtY
gOoD, nOtHiNg BaD hApPeNeD aNd NoThInG gOoD hApPeNeD!! sO
yA tHaT iS kOoL!! OnE tHiNg ThO, i WaS tO hYpEr And SiNgIn
At LuNcH i HaRdLy EvEr SaT dOwN aNd DiDnT eAt HaRdLy N E
tHiNg! It WaS sSoO mUcH fUn!! I wAs SiNgIn My OwN lYrICs
LoL!! SoRrY bOuT yOuR sAnDwHiCh RaNdY, lOl, Did YoU eAt
It? LoL tHaT wAs FuNnE, bEcCa HaD yOuR cOoKiEs If YoU
dIdNt ReAlIzE tHaT!! tOdAy Is My VoLlEyBaLl TeAmS fIrSt
GaMe!! I hOpE wE Do GoOd, OuR bEsT pLaYeR (mY sIS) iS NoT
gONnA b ThErE, uH oH!! Go CoUgArS, WWaaHHoo!! We WiLl WhEn
N E wAyS (kNoK oN wOoD), lOl!! ItS aT 6:15, i HaV aBoUt 1
HoUr TiLl tHe GaMe, AhHhH!! lOl!! WeLl BEtEr b GoIn, lAtUr
MaH gAtUrS!!