carole for Master
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2004-03-22 22:27:33 (UTC)

Orgasming for my Master

my darling Master

i love You Master, and orgasmed as You commanded me to
after 1:30 today Master, thank You

i walked around naked, the leash attached to my collar,
feeling how very wet and aroused i was, the leash
teasingly rubbing against my smoothe hot wet pussy.
i took the beaver in my hand, thoughts of what new way i
could perform my assignment for Master.
Moving a solid wood dining room chair to the center of
kitchen, i attached the beaver to the chair, using duct
tape, so that it would stay in place. my eyes smiling
looking down at the beaver, envisioning that it was
Masters hard cock. Taking the butterfly in my hand, i
walked around the chair, as though You were there, teasing
myself with the butterfly wings, moaning as my thoughts
became verbal, moaning out Your name, squirming as the
deep fever of need took over my body. The wonderful spasms
soaring through my body, as i begged hard for Master to
fuck me, to let me feel Your cock inside my flaming
slaveheat, i begged, kneeled to the ground, pressing lips
to Masters cock. Begging over and over to be used hard by
Master, begging so hard for Master to let me feel Your
cock inside me. Your voice so vibrant and commanding,
saying, " no, beg harder My slut ". The deep primal urges
in my loins, causing me to buck my hips, begging out so
very loud, in a frenzied need, begging Master to please
please please fuck His slut, to use His beast hard, her
need almost unbearable. Hearing Master saying "you may
ride My cock slut, ride it hard, NOW!"
i jump up, panting so hard, straddling the chair, my hands
pressing on the back of the chair, as though was my
Masters shoulders, i guide the beaver to my dripping
pussy, teasing my clit, then with a forceful thrust, slide
my body down the full length of the shaft, and begin
riding the beaver , harder faster, my pussy riding in a
wild hot wanton fuck frenzy, screaming out "yessssssssss,
yessssssssssss oh Masssssster yessssssssssssss!"
my juices flowing so fast, thighs soaking with sweet
nektar, screaming out Massssssssster, as my body, jerks
hard, arching my head back and forth as a roll of orgasms
russssshing through me, taking me so high, screaming out
in deep wanton fevered pitch, riding so hard, so fast
gripping onto the back of the chair, the spasms so strong,
my need so openly submissive, juices of orgasm flowing.
My lips pressing hungrily to Yours, sucking on Masters
tongue, almost devouring in hot wild erotic kisses.
I hear Masters voice so firm "faster My slut, cummm hard
again" i feel Masters hand slap my arse, feeling the red
glow {my hand slapping my arse as i ride the beaver},
wild wanton hot frenzied thrusts of my hips, screaming
out "Masssster i love You" please spank me Massssster
pleassssssssse" Feeling the spanks, redding my arse, the
sting turning to pure feelings of pleasure, hot wild
erotic pleasure, fucking the beaver soo hard, so fast,
orgams gripping onto me, panting so hard, deep lustful
growls of pleasure caressing my
lips, "Yessssssssssssssssss Massssssssssterrrr, i am Your
slut, totally and completely Owned and used by You Master!"
then taking the butterfly pressing to my hot swollen hard
clit,gassping as instantly fall into another orgasm,
bucking and thrusting my hips so fast, so hard, riding on
the chair, legs straddled, imagining my ankles shackled to
the chair, Masters hands gripping onto my hips, thrusting
me up and down hard on Masters cock. Rolling into a deep
multiple orgasm. gripping on tight to back of the chair
"ohhhhhhhhhhh Masssssssster Massssssssster MASSSSSSSSTER!
i Love Youuuuuuuuuuuu"

Thank You for allowing me to cum this afternoon Master,
thank You so very much
i am Your slave,
i love You