Dave's Mental Meanderings
2004-03-22 21:43:30 (UTC)

Song - "No More Love Songs"

A good friend of mine
Once said unto me,
“No sense in living
If you’re not living free.”
Baby... I know he’s got to be right.

The words he spoke
When I found something new,
“Don’t want to hear
Any love songs from you.”
Baby... No more love songs tonight.

It’s been the longest night
That I can recall,
Shadows and whispers,
And a moon that won’t fall,
Baby... Shining down mysterious light.

The dancing flame
On the lamp oil wick,
It’s playing tricks on me
In the darkness so thick.
Baby... Oh what a miserable plight.

My face is still wet
From the tears that you cried
When you leaned over
And kissed me goodbye.
Baby... No more love songs tonight.

I’d always said
That I’d have the last laugh,
Upon my tomb one day
They’ll carve this epitaph.
Baby... Looks like they won the fight.

It’s four in the morning
By the sound of the birds,
I’d try to sleep
But I keep hearing those words.
Baby... No more love songs tonight.

Well I didn’t look back
As you walked on home,
I sat right there
On that bench all alone,
Baby... Till you were long out of sight.

I’m poisoned by doubt
As I face the long day,
I’ll always remember
What we just couldn’t say.
Baby... Why can’t it just feel right?

Feels like I’m dreaming,
Like I’m not quite there,
The clouds are heavy
In the cold morning air,
Baby... But I can see some light.

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