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2004-03-22 19:33:51 (UTC)


What is going on and stuff? First of all....I Love You
Mamas! :) Im here at school. My babe just left to go to
work. I go in at 6 and get out at 10. Spring Break was
something. I literally stayed a whole week with my girl.
Damn, Im pretty sure she got tired of my ass. Your one
brave little soldier Mom! It was so cool waking up next to
her day after day. We went all sorts of places with her
friends too. We fucked in back of David's car too!! Ha! I
said it babe! Oh my god, for the first time ever, Im not
embarrassed of talking about sex in front of people. (in
shock) But yeah, that was the kinkiest shit ever, of us
having sex in back of a vehicle, while the driver is
driving, lol. It was a quickie but still. Oh, never mind,
we also did it in the park at downtown. :) Damn, we're bad.
YAY US!! I Love that girl to death. Shes like oh my god.
Yesterday we went to the movies to go see Dawn of the dead.
It was ok, my girl enjoyed it so that was good. As long as
she enjoys it, then Im happy. I got paid some big bucks
this week but I mostly spent it all on clothes and shit. OH
YEAH! I got a tattoo! I got it on my ankle. Its a symbol,
the one in front of the book of Charmed, yeah that one. It
stands for several stuff but I like the one that means,
Life, death, and rebirth. But the sign mostly stands for
good and evil too. Hee-hee. I paid for my girl's tattoo
too. She has it on the same ankle as me for us to match.
Aww, que cute. She has this little bad ass blue star. I
didn't think she would do it but the little punk actually
had guts to get it. Aww, my baby has guts! You rock Mom! :)
Oh yeah, back to my clothes! Right now, Im wearing my black
boots, my new Old Navy Khakis, my new red, black, white,
striped shirt and my Polo cap. Yay me! I look good! lol!
YEAH RIGHT! I look comfy! Lets see, what else to
write....well my girl and I are almost a year and a month
so thats like whoa. The months are going to fly by once we
hit that one year, which we already did. Hmm....I guess
thats all to write. I'll go surf the net or something. Ok,
bye! I Love You Mamas!


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