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2004-03-22 19:16:44 (UTC)


so my grandfather and aunt from Scotland are over for a
visit. We haven't seen them in roughly fifteen years, so
our week has been packed full of shopping excursions and
such. Which I love, not because I particularly like to
shop every [email protected]! day, but more so b/c it's a break from
being in the house all day long, and as a bonus I get to
spend time with other adults. Yesterday we journeyed to
the mall, and walked through a few stores. Of course, this
means bringing my son. After all, my husband works all of
the hours that god gives, so if I go somewhere, it's a
given that my son is going as well. Upon arrival at the
mall, my aunt, whom is married to a millionaire( must be
nice!) hands me a hundred dollar bill to spend on anything
I wish for myself. Good start to the day. Unfortunately I
am not very good at spending money on myself, so I only
ended up buying a pair of pants for myself. None the less,
it was a great day. My son behaved like an angel, and
there were no complaints. Then we went our seperate ways,
but were to meet later that night so that my grandfather
and aunt could meet my husband. No problem! Well, by the
time that my husband got home it wsa about 7:30 pm, so I
called figuring that by then they would have eaten, and
this would be perfect timing for our visit. Come to find
out, they had yet to eat. This causes a problem because my
son's bedtime is around 7:30 to 8 pm, and he had been
dragged around all day long, so he was getting tired. That
in mind, we couldn't exactly wait for them to eat and then
go over. So they tell us to stop by anyway, it doesn't
matter that they are about to eat....ok. We go over, and
my husband meets the family, everything is going well.
Then my father and mother begin to set their table for
dinner. Immediatly recognizing what is going on my one
year old son gets his fork out of their drawer, and tris to
get up to the table, because he thinks that he is going to
be eating. This is the natural thing for him to do, as wee
used to go over to my parents to have dinner once a week
for a long time, and he didn't know any differently. Of
course, when he has to go, without having eaten with them,
he starts to cry. what did they expect? To make this
long, and I am sure pointless to many of you story
short. ...we had been invited to go to Niagra Falls
tomorrow by my Aunt, as the family is apparently going. As
of this morning, I have been uninvited. Why? because they
feel that yesterdays crying was a reaction to the fact that
we had " disrupted" my son's day by dragging him all over.
They don't think it is fair on him to take him all the way
to the falls. Keep in mind, he was great ALL DAY LONG, up
until the late night dinner incident. Which anyone with a
young child will tell you was not the result of a baby that
had his day disrupted, but the result of a baby who was
near bedtime, and told that he had to leave instead of
staying and eating the food that he saw them place on the
da#! table! So, in other words, they are afraid that he
may get upset by something, and possibly cry. What in the
he$# do they expect? He's a baby, he barely talks, he gets
upset, he cries! That's what they do. It is not as if he
threw some tantrum, he just was upset and cried. So, to
spare them the embarassment, or irritation of having to
DEAL with my son ( who behaived stunningly all dam$ day) I
will make sure that I don't disrupt any more of his days by
going to spend time with them.