Hokwan dish~
2004-03-22 11:41:33 (UTC)

Poor day!!!

This morning, a trouble morning!!!!! I took so long time to
brush my teeth, put on my uniform, and tidy up my hair!!!
And i can't fell asleep easily, and... i late on bed for
ten minutes!!! And... then i haven't got enough time to
have my breakfast!!! Today's breakfast is my last night
dinner, today's breakfast, and today's lunch!!! Having the
same thing and take them for three meals!!!! Then i put it
in a little box, and bring them back to school and have it!
And it's time to go to school!!! oh my god!!! Forget to
weat my coat, then my mum remind me. i take my school bag
quickily and then my mum help me to take for a while. after
that, i put on my bag and then walk to the MTR station but
i didn't said anything with my mum and sister. when i
arrived the MTR station, i found that i have forgotten to
bring my purse!!! i told my mum and then... my mum scolded
me!!!!! she said that you can even forgot to bring your
purse, and i don't know why you was so slow today, waste so
many time to do nothing~~ and she also scold me that my
school bag was so heavy and she don't know what did i
bring!!! i was so angry then i said that angrily that i
have already didn't bring some books, and i asked her if i
want the school bag to be so heavy, or she call to school
and then port that my school bag was so heavy!!! After
that, i cry~~

Today, i've taken three resess to have one little box of
noodles. AAAnd my lunch??? Ha, it will scared you!!! I've
taken totally one hour to have that lunch!!! And... i don't
know whether i'm lucky or not to be friend with Halie and B
ma!!! Today, they always tell jokes that ALWAYS make me
laugh!!! It so hard fffor me!!!! I feel so painful, but
they tell jokes and i want to laugh, but i can't!!! It's
really a hard job for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it very trouble for me but it's really more
happier than the two day before!!!

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