2004-03-22 10:09:21 (UTC)

my new bb fishy

i bought my little bb fishy on sat, after the lunch with
eunice and carmen. the little fish is very very tiny
comparing with my big big fishy.;-) and now, the bb fish
is get bigger and bigger, soon it need to change a bigger
box for it.
today's rs test.............. hope that i can pass la.
btw, my poor,honey gf is being bugged by sb recently. i
hope that guy will stop that la. cos i'm sure my gf will
do sth terrible if he keeps doing that, and at that time,
i can't help. so, pls stop bugging her la.

Beguile(bi GYL)(v.)
- false
- -ve word charge
- to deceive, delude, cheat
eg To beguile, one must be good at lying.