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2004-03-22 06:23:55 (UTC)

a short story

Its hard to sleep in a big bed all alone after sleeping for
so long in one that seemed to fold in the middle, never
shrinking-just whispering "get closer-its warmer this way. i
promise. it isnt lonely this way." A bed that folds in the
middle and rolls you toward the center where your toes curl
and your feet tickle. my feet always tickle when im tired.
The only remedy-a night in the dark with a ceiling fan or
with three socks on each foot. under peach colored blankets
with satin trim that you like to run between your first and
fourth fingers-funny the things that time wont force you to
leave behind-lip gloss and drawing hearts around names-we're
supposed to forget all that you know. But never will you
forget that blanket and simply love the way it made you
feel. Like Thomas Alva Edison whom I shall never leave
behind. He built his own swimming pool and helped invent
the electric chair. He took naps-never slept through the
night. And though many may say that it had something to do
with his discontent in sleeping while he could be thinking
of great things, many may have simply overlooked the fact
that edison didnt have a ceiling fan. maybe he didnt wear
three socks on each foot, didnt have a peach colored
blanket with satin ribbon along the edges, a bed that
folded in the middle, and someone to roll into in the dark-
who knew that when his feet tickled, it could only mean one