C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-03-22 05:17:42 (UTC)

die me die

So it's spring break.. hoora... i hve nothing planned so
looks like im gonna be flying by my crotch... me and derek
and dpenser and ason smith and keri might go tp a whole
block just for fun.... i havent seen jason smith in
forever.. i wouldlove to see him.. he used to be such a
nerd.. i heard hes gotten tall... ya... so everyone adnt
here mom is turning into a morman... i think im out of
pauls band... its obvious... the sad part is he cant even
tell me... how pathetic is that... thats typical paul
tho... he cant face anythhing and is a whiny bitch... he
expects me to fall onto his dick becasue he is paul... im
watching grind right now... blah there is nothing to write
about... seriously... if i was reading this i would shoot
myself in the head thats how boring it is... so im gonna go
then or else ill have to kill myself for writing this