A Look At My Life
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2004-03-22 03:13:45 (UTC)

My day was fine. How about yours ?

Good day to everyone here at i notice that
some people have taken the liberty of leaving me messages
with no email address well um... thanks lol today was a
good day a lot of h.o.t (higher order thinking) going on
which i tend to like alot lol lets see today i had a
friend over and played geetar with him for awhile and then
i watched some movies followed by a good walk to the store
and then studyed for 9 weeks exam i'd like to thank jeff
again for the tips on my songs and i hope that those of
you who happen to read this stay tuned with me and bare
the days.

P.s I would be most obligied to hear from anyone and tell
me a bit about themselves well thanks take care God bless

Sincerley, gilby