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silent wishes
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2004-03-22 02:48:20 (UTC)

well now...

ahhh! i'm back. altho i was ready to kill to get home,
its kinda bitter sweet because you would not believe the
massive piles of clothes that need washing. and they arent
even mine. but then when i added my 2 bags of stuff to it,
well, i just gave up and went and passed out on the couch
(oh man i had forgoten how good it felt to sleep on that
thing...)and slept all day long. but now i wish i hadnt
because i cant wake up and after sleeping on the bus and on
the bed in the hotel, it feels like someone is ripping out
my spine.

aw crap. i think i have a beta club meeting in the
morning. and my mother is at my grandma's...i wish so bad
that i could be "sick" tomorrow, but then i wouldnt get to
see my boyfriend and that little bitch/ho/crackwhore has
kept me from seeing him this weekend...errrrr! but i did go
by Taco Bell after we got home today so i cold see
him. ::grins:: it sucked with him not being able to go this
weekend, but he makes for quite a nice homecoming.

so, about this trip that i've been mentioning for the
past little bit...i'm not going into massive detail right
now, because 1, i'm tired, 2, i dont feel like typing 4
days worth of stuff and 3, i've got 4 days worth of stuff
to clean up because my dad seems to think he's an invalid
and that he cant move unless he's getting something to eat
or getting on the internet. so now i've got 4 days worth of
grunge to try and staighten up before momma gets back
tomorrow morning, because it sucks coming home to a nasty
house. i really hope i didnt have any homework from
thursday, because i dont remeber it and i definatly didnt
do it.

i dont wanna go to school tomorrow...heh. i feel like
crap now, maybe wishing it along, a bit...but
no...i cant miss school. i rather like having good grades.
but i also like sleeping late...very late...but then i cant
get to see my boyfriend and that we must do, for the sake
of me not internally combusting because i miss him so much.
now i'm actually looking forward to goig to school...oh
wait, i think it passed...yea. i still dont wanna go except
to see him.

yelch...i gotta go wash my hair before my dad goes to
sleep. i'll talk more later, maybe. rihgt now i just want
to talk to my boyfriend and go to sleep for a loooong time.

forever 17