2004-03-22 02:31:54 (UTC)

you're not who

i would need you to be.

it's seems a similar pattern i follow and it brings me
to lines i wrote of him now you

"you're everything i want in a guy
but unfortunately you're so much more"

it sucks to face
the reality of that
so a snail's pace i'll have
to travel.


it's so weird when u meet someone and feel like
there's something there and then tell yourself to hold
back. i mean really.

and pat. nothing will ever come of you
so i know it shouldn't have bothered me when the night was
over. but i guess i am too emotional because it didn't
feel too good. why are your hands so soft...like velvet...

Tom. i am so confused about you. or maybe
it's indenial. reality bites and snail pace and all but i
still want to just sit with you and talk until
dawn. ..beautiful rain...

I guess this is something i won't have
figured out and i'll just have to live through it...i'm an
alien, you're an alien