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2004-03-22 02:12:07 (UTC)

F that! :)

hmmm...lets see,lastnight (saturday) hehe i went on a
date...yup yup a date!his names pierce,he tall & he has a
really nice smile....but ne wayz wait 1 more thing,he has a
nice ass BODY! :).....ok ne who,heres how it started,he
told me 2 meet him at the smoke shop,so i did & guess what!
me & him both went 2 the wrong smoke shop!grrr...so he had
2 drive all the way 2 the 1 i was at,& i waited w/ my step
dad in the car till he got there...& he shows up 5 min.
later & he comes outa the back seat & i go meet his
mom...lol she was the homie!she was blastin m&m's new song!
haha ne wayz we went to the orleans...& we were gunna c
barber shop 2...but we saw starsky & hutch holy shit!that
movie was so damn funny...i wont tell u about it cuz u have
2 c it!ne who...we talked during the movie lol!we watched
it then we got out....& we decided 2 c another movie
hmmmm...so we called our parents 2 ask lol it was 10 PM lol
but they let us stay wow!ne wayz we were watchin the
passion of christ....aaaaaaaaaaah omg that movie was brudal
as fuck!the whole movie was watchin jesus gettin bea!i was
almost crying!but i had my other reazons 2...but i aint
gettin in that!ne who...as we were watchin it i got cold &
shakin cuz i was pist!but pierce grabbed my hands & he held
me...aaaaaw i felt loved lol!we had 2 leave the movie early
cuz it was late as heck!so we left at 11:50?ya but we were
sittin outside & he says he smokes but guess wut...not
cigarretes....black & mild...hmmm nice nice i love u pierce
lol jk....he says hes quittin!so we were gettin 2 no
eachother...& his mom gets there & when i got in the car
she says "your so pretty" aaaaaaw that was sweet lol!so we
were drivin home...& i told her where i lived & shes like
OOOOH! "southern highlands"& she named the exact number of
min. well get there i was like "wow"lol!ne who we got there
i think it was 12:30....& he got out of the car & gave me a
hug :)....well jus c what happenz ??????????

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