heaven key

2004-03-22 01:14:35 (UTC)

complicated life

well i have not written in here in months and months. I am
still working at new horizon full time and i am the lead
teacher in that room. however since i have lost weight i
have problems going out and drinking. i get soooooooo
trashed so easy which isnt even cool becasue it seems that
i am always getting into trouble or something. last night i
got in a fight with lou, brian isnt speaking to me, and i
dont want to show my face in spankys ever again. I really
wish that i could get a handle on my drinking. I went to
famous daves in uptown minneapolis, where it is less liek a
restaurant, and more like a night club. everything was fine
there, and then we went to spankys where i drank 6 or 7 jag
red bulls. i had 4 of them at famous daves, and all i ate
was oatmean yesterday so i was a bit wasted. so jenny and
tawnnia and i went to the bar, and then i seen huck. i
ended up not going with tawn and jen , and going over to
hucks. then i was so stupid i called brian and he came and
got me. that was my big mistake. Huce said i could have
stayed with him, but i am like in love with brian and when
i get drunk i call him. so he came and drove me all the way
over to coonrapids which is 43 mn away. now he isnt talking
to me, and i know that i was being a complete sloppy drunk
crying and shit about who knows what. so i am not going to
be calling him for a long time. i need to stick with
tawnnia and jenny and i will be fine, but i always end up
meeting up with my ass hole friends who are only good to
drink with and thats where the trouble starts. anyways
brian doenst like me like that which has had me down for
about a month now. I wish he did becasue he is the only guy
since turo that i have really liked. At least i am over
that ass hole completely now. Well i am going to go now and
i will try to write in here a bot more often .