You Can't Go Home Again
2004-03-22 01:08:49 (UTC)

They Call it A Wastleland

My life is a fucking joke without her. It pains me so much.

I am nothing without her.

I am nothing.

And to think, even my own parents could throw me out like a
peice of trash. They throw out my dreams, they throw me out.

I know what i've done, I don't know why I did it, but I
know WHY i did it.

I've put up with so much shit from them, everythign piling
on top, for years. For about a year I haven't done anything
physically drastic.

Today was different. I knocked down a door. I'm going to
have to pay for it. I know it.

I know i'm an asshole. I know i deserve nothing, because I
am nothing.

Don't marry me, I don't deserve you. I'm a peice of trash.

Throw me out, please. For your own good. I just want you
to be happy.

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