LIFE..Is That What You Would Call It?
2004-03-22 01:02:06 (UTC)

Stocker..Im scared

this dud i thought i like.. no names..but hes ellens
cousin .well i brought him with me to final exit in
baker..n i dont like him ne more..hes annoyin n neva shuts
up..i jus wanted to fucking shoot myself or jump out of
the car..n by chance luckly get run ova by a 18
he wrote n email to me it went like this..

hey baby hows life treating you? im good! im so sorry that
i lied about me not bein a true christian b/c i really am!
i was tryin to impress you! i am so madly in love with
you......WILL YOU DATE ME? i know u dont like me but date
me anyway! well i love you n ill talk to u later! scared.. hes gonna stock me if i dont date him.. o
well i'll kick him in the ball n he'll think twice for
stocking this oopa( lil ppl on Wanka Chocolate factory

well.... i'll write lata

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