confessions of a never ceasing mind
2004-03-21 23:18:23 (UTC)

Can you taste my tears? Can you hear my pain? Can you you fell crimson tide as it washes over me?

1)Can you taste my tears?
Can you feel my pain?
Can you feel the crimson tide, as it washes over me?

the tears are on my eyes, my cheeks
the pain is in my voice
the crimson flood is on your hands as you tore my heart in
I wake to see the dawn,
I wake to see the light
I wake to know I am alive, but I am not truly live

Can you taste my tears?
Can you feel my pain?
or is it possible I am just sleeping once again?
dedicated to my mother

I wake to mournful light, I wake to see the light outside.
Is there nothing more to me than this existance I call
life? My tears flow like a rain, my pain is locked behind
a mask, no one can hurt me as long as I am locked away

and yet eros beckons in, calls to me inside the tower dark,
promises to heal the pain that I have buried deep inside.
My heart it bears the scars of the life I left behind.
Memories are strong and clear and they follow me to sleep.
Do you want this heart, scarred over the years? Painful
memories reside and I bolt and lock the door. Eros fades
away, leaving me all by myself, somehow it hurts he got so
close ,and then,just walked away from me.

Love stands no test of time, love holds none of the
promises, it heals none and just leaves you there, to bleed
upon the street

so I walk into the darkened ways, I forge ahead alone, I
tell myself that I must live and I walk to rise again.
Don't tell that you know, don't tell me it will fade in time
how can you know or think it fades if you were never there