2004-03-21 22:35:34 (UTC)


John came with me to church this morning. Instead of a
regular service we had a special treat of John Nilson
playing the piano, interspersed with readings from Psalms.
Afterwards we had muffins and danishes, punch and coffee and
lots of talking and hugging.

Rosalie's mother died last week; that's three people in our
small church community who have lost their mothers in the
past two months--me, Earl and Rosalie.

The pastor and her husband, David, live right next door to
us and before church he asked if we had room in our refuse
container for their extra lawn clippings but we told him we
don't have one; we bring our clippings to our country house.
In fact, we don't have garbage service at all; the little
we don't recycle we burn in the fireplace. We left before the
pastor and David did, though, and went over to their
backyard and gathered up all their clippings and put them in
back of John's truck. I wonder how long it'll take before
they notice?

There was a nice article on knitting in Sunday's newspaper.
Not surprisingly, it said that it was a favorite of indie rock
girls. I knew that as Jack is dating an indie rock girl and
she's an avid knitter. See, Mom isn't as old fashioned as
all that or as the French say, what's old becomes new again.
Three of the boys now have serious girlfriends so I'm hoping
that in the next few years one or more will marry and begin
having children. What fun it'll be to be a grandmother!