2004-03-21 21:50:51 (UTC)


so last nite was our sorority formal (go lambda chi) and
my last one!!! so very very sad :( i had on a white
dress, and am happy to say that i didn't once get it
dirty! (thanx to the help of my date acting like my
mom ;) ) my favorite thing about formals is seeing all ur
good friends that u r used to in everyday outfits all
dressed up and laid back and dancing silly all over the
place. i am going to vote Jaime Conard as most "breath-
taking" for the evening... and not just cuz she is one
of my best friends!!!

after one formal, it was off to a second because my date
had his formal the same nite... and although i must admit
that the Sig formal isn't exactly like the lambda chi
formal... i definitley had a good time... although
probably not as good a time as NATALIE :)hehe... it was
more of a "sweet" time than nething else

at church this morning, they talked about peter and how he
denied Jesus 3times... and about how when we know
something that is against God's will... we can feel it in
our hearts... well that's been making me think all week,
so it is interesting to have heard it again today!!!


ok, so good day to all
buenos dias

urs truly